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linda graham

Awaken with Linda graham


About Me


Since my own awakening 34 years ago

Through consultation, readings, workshops, support and energy work, I've helped many people with their awakening journey and life experiences bringing hope and upliftment.  Empowering others is my ultimate goal. I'm in service for the highest good. 


Giving hope, clarity and reassurance

The world is in the process of evolution. Some people are in the process of awakening and with this journey comes a variety of experiences.  Including:

(1) Waking up in the middle of the night for   

       several nights,

(2) Change of diet,  

(3) New dwelling places, 

(4) Changes within friendship and perhaps 

drastic changes in the work field. 

(5) Feeling more emotional with no 

apparent reason. 

(6) Sudden onset of lower back ache, fatigue and 

(7) Powerful Kundalini rushes. 

Does this ring any bells with you? Perhaps it is time to get some clarity. 

You are an amazing spirit having a human experience.  You have much more power and control than you realise.  


Channelled Art

Take a look at my paintings and channelled art.  

Or take an art workshop with me and open yourself to the Divine Creative flow.  

You do not have to be able to draw or paint to take this workshop.  You'll be amazed with what you take home with you. 

The positive results from this empowering workshop transfers to every area of your life.  

One to one art workshops available.  Just email me for details.