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January  2020

We  have  just  enetered  in to  this  New  Year  of  2020   and  we  have  a  powerful year  ahead  of  us.    Pluto  and  Saturn  are  in  conjunction  throughout  this  year  and  that  is  bringing  us  massive  transformations,  both  personally  and  worldly.    This  month  set  yourself  goals  to  listen  to  your  body  knowing,  your  thoughts  and  instincts.  You  know  what  is  your  truth  and  it  is  important  to  align  with  this.    You  may  require  expert  help  to  guide  you  and  help  you  to  connect  with  the  you  who  is  waiting  to  emerge.    

If  you  find  yourself  struggling  ask  your  angels  and  guides  to  help  you.    Reach  out  for  a  consultation  to  reassure  you  are  on  the  right  track    

You  are  an  amazing  bright  spirit  having  a  human  experience  and  have  more  power  than  you  might  imagine.

Everything  happens  for  a  reason  and  this  year  things  may  change  dramatically  for  you.    Change  of  residents,  friendships  falling  by  the  wayside,  relationships  fail,  trust  the  process .    It  is  all  a  manifestation  of  what  is  going  on  within.     Change  will  ultimately be  for  the  better.    Trust  the  process    

April 2018 

The veils between worlds are thinning rapidly and we are having opportunities to change our patterns.  Are you moving away from some activities and changing and opening your opinion on things?

Be aware of yourself.  Did you think of someone and then they appeared, phoned or emailed?  Are you constantly seeing double figures, 12.12 - 14.14 etc? This is a sure sign you're waking up.  

You can always get in touch for reassurance, you['re not on your own. And remember you are precious.

October 2017

This month has brought a powerful ramping up of the earth’s vibration.  Many have been affected by this through: 

Wakeful nights -

 not able to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night for several nights.

Clearing out - 

your wardrobe, attic, cupboards, sheds and garages

Less consumerism

not so drawn to old shopping habits

Sensing a division

between yourself and some people. Finding you don't resonate on the same level anymore.

Drastic Change in diet -  

Reduction in your sugar intake.  Eating no meat or eating little with great awareness.

Change of job

going in a totally different direction - even if you didn't coerce the change, it will be more perfect for your future. Remember that the new is always greater than the old.


starting exercise - Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking etc.


either starting or doing more than usual

Feeling different - 

to others around you

Looking for spiritual groups

or stumbling across them by accident - nothing is an accident it is a synchronicity with the direction your higher self needs to go.  Join meetups-Didcot-spiritual-awakening-group

Changing emotions

becoming more emotional without any real reason

Powerful headache

towards the front of the head, across the forehead


sudden onset of back pain with no apparent reason

Weight gain

Gaining weight around your stomach area

Double figures

constantly seeing these. You look at the clock and its 11.11 - 14.14 - 18.18 etc.

If you are experiencing any of these it would be wise to come to see me for a consultation, either in person or over Skype.  Remember you're even more amazing than you know.

blessings and light




We are all being given opportunities to transform who we are.  As we work through the layers and letting go of all that no longer serves us.

With more awareness we can make this journey much easier for ourselves.  However some may find they are hanging on by their finger tips to everything they are familiar with. Letting can fill us full of fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It is important to be aware that we will only grow as far as our fear levels will allow us.  Trust the process and if you find yourself struggling it is time to look for support from a spiritual teacher.  You can always ask your angels to help you. They are not allowed to help unless you ask and, for the record, we all have a guardian angel.


Trust & awareness of signs and Symbols

The laws of nature are all around us giving us powerful directions.  Linda Graham has a great awareness of these signs and symbols and can help you to become in tune with them.

As we grow we become more aware of what is going on around us.  There are many signs and symbols bringing messages and directions to help us on our way.  This includes different animals, birds and insects. They all come into your life to bring powerful symbols. A good book to have in your reference library is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. This book will give you and understanding of what information and meaning the animal is bringing you.

We all have 9 animal totems supporting us, throughout our lives, in all directions around and within us.   You can make an appointment with me to find out what your animal totems are.